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mark owe heuer

"Sustainable change happens where innovation meets societal needs and political will. Consequently, managing change means building bridges between society, economy and politics.
I am convinced that such an endeavor basically requires three things: A sound scientific base, a governance strategy, and great communication skills."

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Both the demand for- and supply of scientific data are growing exponentially. I want to "connect the dots" and reconnect science to a real world context. I further think that we have to change the way we think about science. We shouldn't confuse the power of data with technocracy.

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In the process of governance, people are the most important element. I believe that multi-stakeholder and cross sectoral forms of dialogue can create innovative solutions that transgress particular interests. However, collaborative governance is challenging, and sometimes risky, and there are no panaceas. This creates a fascinating mixture of challenges and opportunities.

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A convincing narrative is more powerful than the most rigorous scientific study. However, environmental problems as well as sustainable solutions are characterized by uncertainty and complexity, posing major challenges for sustainability communication. I believe that sustainability communication is extremely challenging, but it yields an incredible potential as a catalyst for change.
click here for an example of what I think sustainability communication could look like.


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